Pangaea + The Lounge have joined forces and are open for Dinner, Tuesday-Saturday, 5pm - 9pm. For safe dine-in or curbside pickup see our menu and order online here:

Pangaea Menu

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We are now hosting The Roasted Bean Espresso Bar. They are open Tuesday-Sunday, from 8am - 3pm, and offer lunch Tuesday-Saturday from 11am - 3pm. Check out their coffee and lunch menu here:

Roasted Bean Menu

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(802) 442-7171 | 1 Prospect Street, North Bennington, VT 05257

What’s the difference between Pangaea and The Lounge?

Pangaea is the original restaurant. A little more atmospheric and crafted of an experience, it is great for special occasions, business meetings, private parties, and any random night you want to treat yourself to something truly spectacular. The Lounge came after, when there was noticed a need for more casually bar dining. A place where you can truly feel welcome as a regular any night of the week with great nightly specials and a killer cocktail list.

Can I afford Pangaea?

There is a misconception that Pangaea is too expensive, but it is really about value. The food you are going to get with us is really unlike any other meal you’ve had and the experience from top to bottom is exceptional.

What kind of food do you serve?

Pangaea serves our own unique take on classic French Fine Dining cuisine, with bits stolen here and there from different culinary cultures. That is why Bill Scully decided to name the restaurant Pangaea. Pangaea was the name of the supercontinent when all of earth’s continents were one. This allows us the freedom to culinarily jump from continent to continent. The Lounge is a more classic American Fusion menu with items ranging from cheeseburgers to bone in short rib, salads, pastas, and more.

Do you host private parties?

We can host small, more casual, nonexclusive parties in the purple room of The Lounge. Set apart from the rest of The Lounge dining area, it feels like your own private restaurant, for only the price of the food! We can do more upscale private parties in Pangaea where the menu can be customized to your liking.

Can you get into The Lounge from Pangaea?

The restaurants are actually in two separate buildings! There is one entrance for Pangaea and a separate, speakeasy style entrance for The Lounge. If you are facing the buildings, Pangaea is on the right and The Lounge is on the left.

What was this building before it was Pangaea?

Pangaea has been many restaurants before we came to be in 2002, but the original building was a mercantile that sold and repaired hats and shoes and leather goods. The Lounge was originally a single family home that was turned into apartments.